Solidarity with the antifascists facing repression in Aachen

Posted on november 19, 2018

In Aachen, Germany, antifascists and anarchists are facing a wave of repression the last years. Multiple court cases have been started against comrades who are fighting against organised neo-nazi’s in their city.

After the police murder of Mitch Henriquez in 2015 in Den Haag, the Netherlands, antifascists in Aachen took to the streets to make a solidarity protest with the people that where revolting against the police in Den Haag. On the end of their protest they where attacked by cops with batons and lots of pepperspray. Some antifascist where wounded and also some cops got their own pepperspray in their faces. After the attack of the police multiple antifascists where arrested and accused of violence against cops. After a multiple court cases all of them where acquitted except for one who was sentenced to a fine.

Another case was the attempted attack by two neo-nazi’s on two antifascist in the neighbourhood of Frankenberger. After the attack the two antifascist where arrested and accused of violence and where put in prison for two weeks. Coming Wednesday the court-case against them will start. For now the court put out three court-date: 21.11., 30.11., and 07.12. All of the court dates will start at 9:00 at the court in Aachen. See for more information:

We as antifascists and anarchists from Den Haag want to express our full solidarity with our comrades in Aachen. We condemn the repression and state violence. We call upon everybody to show solidarity.

At a concert last weekend in Den Haag there was also a short speech on stage on the situation in Aachen and a solidarity picture was made.

Solidarity with the antifascists and anarchists who are facing repression in Aachen! Fire to the courts, the prisons, the fascists and cops!

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