Info-tour about repression against anarchists and antifascists in The Hague

Posted on oktober 6, 2016

info-tourposterstaandWithin the last year, anarchists and antifascists in The Hague have increasingly been subject to repression. Many of the repressive measures intended to silence the anarchist movement have come directly from the mayor’s desk.

To this end, the mayor issued an area-ban against several anarchists for the Schilderswijk, an immigrant neighborhood where an insurrection lasting for several days raged after the police strangled Mitch Henriquez to death in 2015. The mayor also demanded 50,000 euro in damages after the eviction of social center De Vloek, which had been squatted for 13 years. He is also trying to close the Autonomous Center. In this way, he is trying to break the structures that anarchists and antifascists use.

Again and again, police files about anarchists and antifascists are being labelled with the code CTER (Counter Terrorism, Extremism and Radicalisation) and the police are keeping lists of people who participate in anarchist activities. Even during court cases, it came to light that officers from the intelligence service were keeping track of who was in attendance in the courtroom. Attempts were also made to recruit informants, and anarchists have been intimidated by police at home and on the street.

The mayor has always had the same small group of anarchists as a target, but it must be clear that this is not just an attack on individual anarchists but an attack on us all. We think that it is important to discuss the kind of repression that anarchists in The Hague are now dealing with.

Below the list with information evenings (More dates coming)

19 October 2016: Nijmegen, De Klinker
Address: Van Broeckhuysenstraat 46, Nijmegen
Time: 20:00

20 October 2016: Amsterdam, Bollox
Address: Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16, Amsterdam
Time: 20:00

21 October 2016: Gent, Anarchistisch Centrum
Address: Sparrestraat 1a, Gent (BE)
Time: 20:00

22 October 2016: Groningen, RKZ
Address: Emmastraat 15, Groningen
Time: 20:30

28 October 2016: Hannover UJR Korn
Address: Kornstraße 28 -30; 30167 Hannover
Time: 18:00

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