Radek is free! New court date announced

Posted on april 30, 2019

Today was the pro forma hearing for the court case of Radek, a Polish worker who had been in custody for over six months in the detention centre in Alphen aan den Rijn. 15 comrades, of who some from Poland were there today to show solidarity.

Radek is suspected to have walked in to the Polish embassy and pour gasoline over himself, drawing attention to the inhumane situation that Polish employees in the Netherlands find themselves trapped in.

During the court case today, Radek spoke briefly about the situation he and other Polish employees in the Netherlands find themselves in. They are structurally underpaid. There is a constant threat from the employment agency to lose their job and home. Even if they cannot work due to sickness, these threats are hanging over their heads. Radek spoke about how his employment agency also broke into his house. When he made complaints to the police about being unhappy with the official report on the burglary, the police even threatened that he should let go “or they would have no problem finding hard drugs in his house.”

At the end of the hearing today Radek has even said that the circumstances for the past months, in the detention centre were better than the housing situation through the employments agency. Radek wanted to draw attention to the exploitative situation Polish employees find themselves in. It was not his intention to actually set himself on fire. He had disabled the lighter he was carrying. The Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI) also confirmed in their report that the lighter did not work. Radek at the time did not see any other way to draw attention to this situation.

His plea was interrupted by the judge, saying that the hearing today would not go over the substance of the case. His lawyer asked the judges to release him from the custody he had been in for over six months. Of course the district attorney objected this. After a recess of 15 minutes the judges decided Radek should be released today.

The court case against Radek will continue on May 16th at 15:00 at the Court in The Hague (adres: Prins Clauslaan 60.

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