Wall built in front of gentrifier’s office door.

Posted on april 23, 2018

Last weekend we cemented a wall in front of the office door of the Meesterbouw building company in The Hague, the Netherlands to show our protest against the company’s contribution to the gentrification of The Hague.

Meesterbouw is involved with the development of the Binckhorst and Scheveningen. In both places gentrification is evolving quickly, resulting in the push-out of lower income residents. In the Binckhorst industry and social housing have to make room for expensive apartments with the idea of ‘work-living spaces’ with an edgy and raw touch.

Deur dichtgemetseld bij gentrificatie-bouwer from Stopveryupping on Vimeo.

In Scheveningen the docks and social housing were demolished and now almost the entire harbor has been transformed into a yuppie paradise. All this because of the ego-trip of a handful of lawmakers and their prestigious plan to transform Scheveningen into their dreamed ‘World City at the Beach’.

The city is not a commodity with which companies can forever enrich themselves. The city belongs to the people, not to a few yuppies, real estate developers and pigs. If we don’t fight gentrification now the city will die out, only providing space for the rich, expats and tourists.

Fight gentrification! Don’t build for yuppies!

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