Comrade placed in isolation due to inability to scan fingerprints

Posted on februari 21, 2017

wildedemoThe comrade who was arrested last Saturday after a spontaneous demonstration in the Schilderswijk, The Hague (Netherlands), is still being kept by the authorities. They are building up the pressure on him and are making his situation even more difficult. He is momentarily being kept in an isolation cell in a prison in Alphen aan den Rijn.

Last Saturday 20 people demonstrated in the Schilderswijk against police violence and repression. The demonstration was not announced to the authorities and scattered after about 15 minutes due to mounting police presence. After the police searched the neighborhood 7 people were arrested, 6 of them were released within a couple of hours. The last person is still in custody. He is being charged with a simple misdemeanor; public order disturbance. A case that usually results in 6 to 12 hours of custody and carries a maximum punishment of a fine. But our comrade has not been released yet.

He is still being kept because the public prosecutor claims he did not collaborate with a fingerprint scan. This is untrue. At the police station he cooperated with the scan but the scanner could not read his fingerprints due to them being covered in glue. The inability to perform a scan due to practical reasons is an entirely different case. Nonetheless our comrade was brought before a preliminary judge. The judge decided to keep him in custody until his court case on the 1st of March.

Isolation and bullying
After the decision of the judge he was transferred to the prison at Alphen aan den Rijn. There he was placed in an isolation cell and received no registration number and is now unable to receive mail.

Al these repressive measures seem to be revenge for an action against police violence, an action which specifically aimed itself against the repression of people who struggle against police violence. The justice system says that suspects are not obliged to cooperate with their own prosecution. Now it is clear that the system interprets the law as it sees fit.

We call on everyone to spread this message as much as possible and to come to the court case on the 1st of March. The case will start at 13:30h and will happen in Paleis van Justitie, Prins Clauslaan 60 in The Hague. We gather at 12:45 at the entrance. Of course there are lots of other ways to show your anger and solidarity.

Solidarity with our imprisoned comrade! We are fucking angry and want him free!

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