Anarchist Wallpaper #2 December 2016 is out

Posted on december 12, 2016

awallpapernr2dec2016englishAfter the smashing success of the first Anarchist Wallpaper, here is the second edition! This time around, the paper is about borders, militarisation, and of course the repression surrounding the previous wallpaper. Download the wallpaper, print and circulate it!

Download the wallpaper:

Anarchist Wallpaper #2 December 2016 

Destroy the borders of Fortress Europe

About the militarisation of borders.

While products and capital can travel freely across the world, fences are being erected throughout the European landscape. Soldiers and police are being sent to the borders and thousands of people are being locked up in present-day concentration camps.

The borders of Fortress Europe are closed, the fences erected from steel and barbed-wire, and the seas are being blocked by the military. People who have undertaken a hellish journey looking for a better life are being labelled as undesirable and are being locked up and dehumanised. The witch-hunt against migrants is being carried out so that we don’t have to be confronted with the real problems that we are all facing. The fences on the border and the militarisation of the streets are not meant to protect us from a so called tidal wave of refugees. The borders are there to protect the elite and are nothing but the tentacles of a controlling and oppressive state. The same state that is doing everything to keep people tied up, tied up in work, exploitation and repression.

Western wars for resources, the arms trade, and exploitation lie at the root of the great migration wave. These wars that are being fought under the guise of fighting terrorism are nothing more than a violent trade mission aimed at filling the pockets of the managers and bosses of large corporations. While they keep getting richer, we must work our asses off every day to be able to survive, to keep filling the pockets of the rich.

That is what connects us all. We are all subject to the same social construct of exploitation and repression. We must not go along with the scapegoating politics of blaming refugees for every social ill, such as the lack of housing and poverty. These problems are not the fault of migrants, but of the bosses and exploiters. It is the whole political party spectrum from left to right that allows affordable houses to be demolished while luxury apartments pop up in their place. They keep poverty in place because it’s not in their interest to achieve real equality. They cannot profit from actual equality, and their cronies from large multinationals wouldn’t be able to keep getting endlessly richer.

By militarising the borders and filling the streets with officers carrying machine guns, the state is only showing that it can force everyone to do what it wants by using violence; that they can keep everyone in line and working in the pursuit of the state’s interests. But nothing could be further from the truth. We can and must break the chains of oppression. If we really want to be free, then we must attack the state, hinder militarisation and destroy their borders! Destroy the borders so that we can all live in freedom!

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