the Netherlands: Person arrested on suspicion of spreading Anarchist Wallpaper released. Distribution continues!

Posted on april 30, 2016

lawaaidemoThe person who got arrested last Sunday on suspicion of pasting the Anarchist Wallpaper, instigation against authority and inciting violence has been released last night. An hour before his release about 25 people participated in a solidarity action in front of the police station where he was being held.

Last Sunday night someone got arrested in The Hague on suspicion of pasting the Anarchist Wallpaper. He is being charged with instigation against authority, inciting violence and the pasting of posters. The public prosecution office intented on keeping him locked up for a period of at least three days, after which he would be brought in front of the examining judge to see if this period could be extended. One day before this was supposed to take place our comrade was released.

Besides the repression against spreading the Wallpaper, the police also confiscated a book written by the anarchist Alfredo M. Bonanno (“De keuze voor de opstand”) as well as some random newspaper cuttings.

Last Monday, when an article concerning the arrest was published on indymedia, the news spread quickly, within as well as outside of anarchist circles. The article was translated into English, Polish, German and Greek. The article and poster were published on several websites, among others Contrainfo and 325. Furthermore a number of articles were written about the arrest, for example by Peter Storm and Hadrian Ferran.

Even though the person arrested is no longer locked up, we still want to ask everyone to spread the Anarchist Wallpaper. The only answer to this repression is solidarity through action. Below, once more, the link where you can download the poster:

Klik om toegang te krijgen tot AnarchistischeMuurkrantApril2016_0.pdf

It is still unclear whether the public prosecution office will proceed to prosecute or not. We will try to keep everyone informed as well as possible!

Down with the cops and the state! Long live the revolt!
(And do not forgot to mask up when attacking the cops or the state)

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