English Communiqué #1: Crisis? Capitalism is crisis!

Posted on oktober 14, 2011

A postman who gets fired after years of service, now unable to pay his mortgage, and soon out on the streets with his family. Educational programs that will only be available to rich kids. A mother and her kids, years in prison only because they sought for a better life, after multinationals raided their home country.

But also; the teacher in Athens who decides to educate his students in critical theory, outside of the university framework. The Zapatistas in Chiapas who fight everyday to hold on to their autonomous structures and zones. The general practitioner who, in her spare time, gives free consultation to the illegalized.

Our solidarity goes out to the cleaners who fight for respect and better working conditions. To the Chilean students and teachers who struggle against one of the most privatized school systems in the world. To the Greek workers, immigrants, unemployed, autonomists and anarchists, fighting side by side against state repression and the austerity measures imposed on them by the state and IMF.

Capitalism is the global monster that expropriates the resources and labor of the rest of the world to create absurd profits for a small elite. Hedge fund managers, brokers, and other players in the financial sector award themselves enormous bonuses, while clamoring for more and more cuts on an already decimated working class, while the state, even the so-called parliamentary left, tries its best to placate these swindlers at the expense of the rest of society. Why is it that some people can live in castles, while more and more people are kicked out of their homes? Because the castle-dwellers are thieves, and the state with its army and police are their accomplices!

Change is necessary, we must do it ourselves!

The unions, completely integrated into the political system, the supposedly ‘left’ political parties and moderate organisations are all involved in keeping the multitude under the thumb. They make concessions to the-powers-that-be, rather than making hard demands. They accept being put away on a field outside town, where you can scream till you’re blue, but where nobody will hear you. Where you are kettled before you even start. Where they have you listening to speakers from exactly those political parties that participate in these destructive policies. They act only in consultation with those very leaders who want us to pay for the failure of their system.

These organizations have their mouths full of ‘solidarity’. But when someone decides not to be put away anymore, and when the state strikes out to put people in prison for their political ideas, there is little left of this so called solidarity. These organisations don’t lend an ear to the anger of the multitude, they only put a brake on this anger to keep their good name and position of power.

But there is a time when we’ve had enough! A time where we need to detach ourselves from these moderate organisations and parties. a time where we need to take it to the barricades for a better world, created by none other than ourselves. And that time is now, before it is too late!

Talk to your neighbors, colleagues, family and friends. Get organised and create places outside the clutches of capitalism, places of resistance where you can set your own agenda. Take action, inform, block and sabotage. All of our freedoms were fought for, not given: now it is our time to fight. We must destroy capitalism before it destroys us! Enough is enough. Fight for a world where everyone is equal, without racism, capitalism and exploitation!

Give them what they deserve! Capitalism must burn!

Autonomists The Hague

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